Founder + Creator 


Let me introduce myself! My name is Ruby Rose and I'm a determined, passionate and hands on creative who absolutely thrives off helping bring a business to life through thoughtful designs.


I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia but currently based in the south of France, living on the beautiful Riviera coastline. When not in pursuit of designing meaningful brand identities, you can find me out exploring little medieval villages, hiking or probably standing in line at the bakery!


The Brand Kit came to fruition in early 2020 when I found myself with endless free time and a new found determination to create something meaningful and with purpose. 

I've been creating and working with a small number of clients for years but I used to day dream of one day having my own business, creating thoughtful designs for small businesses as they took a leap and followed their passions... and then I realised that the only thing holding me back from achieving all this was - myself. So I put all my skills and experience into a virtual kit and voilá! The Brand Kit was born. 

My Mission


Your motivation is my motivation. I want to know why you love what you do, what your goals are and what makes you different from the rest. My mission is to find the purpose at the core of your business and reflect that in a strong and consistent manner making sure to send an impactful message to your consumers. I aim to create long-lasting relationships with my clients so that once the job is done we can continue to support one another through continuous growth and help each other to thrive, because your success is truly my success too. 

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